Training service delivered for CTC Covalima and DIT Baucau

IADE delivered training on what it takes to become an entrepreneurs to last year students of CTC Covalima (11 – 13 July 2016) and DIT Baucau (13 – 15 July 2016) with financial support from ADB. The three days of training programme exposed students to conduct an entrepreneurial self-assessment and guidance to ow entrepreneurial characteristics can be improved, how to develop a feasible business idea using their own skills and knowledge and analyse and select the most feasible business ideas. IADE used ILO Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI) programme material for this training. At the end of the training course, students have a concrete and feasible business ideas which will be the starting point for developing a business plan. A follow training and counselling will be provided for students wishing to start a business and need to develop business plan.

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