IADE’s Super Trainer wins award for at film festival in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Emprezarial (IADE)’s educational Super Trainer movies produced by Pixelasia Productions Dili, Lda won the Second Prize in the Category Promotional and Tourism Movies, Educational Movies and TV Spots at the 6th Hanoi International FICTS Festival – Sport, Tourism, Movies & TV in July 2012.

IADE’s Super Trainer is a modern day hero in Timor-Leste. He helps Timorese entrepreneurs to make their business more profitable and shows them how to do business in a better way.

One of the six Super Trainer episodes, Mautunu, a fish griller in Dili, features a special guest star: Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta, Timor-Leste’s former President. Dr. Ramos-Horta, a client of Mautunu, supports the Super Trainer in his intervention and explanations.

Lena Lenzen, director of Pixelasia explains “Super Trainer was awarded because the movies show that Timor-Leste has grown into a peaceful, vibrant country that is now at the stage to improve its local businesses. Another criteria might have been that the movies have a fun and entertaining concept combining a Super Hero with Business Education.”

You can watch Super Trainer’s adventures online: http://www.iade.gov.tl/tet/legals/super-trainer-videos/ (Tetum) or http://www.iade.gov.tl/en/legals/super-trainer-videos/ (English). Comic versions of each of the episodes are also available: http://www.iade.gov.tl/tet/legals//.

The creation and production of the Super Trainer was supported by Irish Aid through the Business Opportunities and Support Services (BOSS) Project. The BOSS Project is implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and works with IADE to become an effective provider of enhanced and innovative need and market oriented business development services.

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