IADE provides a range of group based training courses,  adapted to the stage and size of business  and the experience of the owner.  For entrepreneurs and managers at the early stage of business development, we provide two main types of course:

Lautem Tais3_MED

Luud Tais Cooperative, Lautem. No matter where you are in Timor-Leste, IADE’s training courses can help you make your business dream a reality.

  1. For those wanting to start a business but who don’t yet have a developed business ideas then IADE’s Generate Your Business Ideas (GYBI) training programme helps with finding and refining  a new business concept.
  2. For entrepreneurs with a business idea, but who don’t know where to start, we offer a Start Your Business Training Programme (SYB). This course is designed to help business people turn business ideas into actionable business plans

IADE’s trainers are all  experienced and fully accredited. IADE’s  training material for both these courses is based on the ILO (International Labour Organisation)’s Start And Improve Your Business Programme (SIYB) which has been used around the world. IADE has adapted these courses for Timor-Leste conditions, and has successfully trained groups in all of Timor-Leste’s districts.

IADE’s training courses are designed to be practical, providing advice on subjects like  business planning, bookkeeping, financial literacy and marketing.

To discover more about IADE’s training course for Start-Up businesses, contact our training team.



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