KPNI 2017

Thanks for registering your interest in KPNI 2017. If you’d like more information you can contact us at:

                Phone: +670 3310161


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Marketing Plus

Developing good marketing practices is essential for business success. Many businesses have good product or service concepts, yet fail to grow because they do not know how to publicise and sell their benefits. IADE provides marketing training and advice as an integral part of many of its services (e.g. […]

Exhibitions & Promotion Support

IADE helps organize exhibitions, trade fairs and other promotional events to help our clients promote their programmes, products and services.  Our staff have experience in helping design and manage events in both Dili and the Districts.

Examples of events organised by IADE:

Timor Leste International Food and Beverage Exposition
International […]

Marketing & Social Research

Understanding your clients and customers is key to business success. IADE carries out surveys and qualitative research helping to help our clients understand and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing and programme activities.   IADE’s extensive experience of  providing marketing and business advice to organisations in Timor-Leste,  ensures our research […]

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