Management for Construction Company

With the Timor-Leste government’s determination to improve the country’s infrastructure has come a huge increase in the demand for construction contractors’ services. However many new contractors lack experience in key aspects of contractor management, such as  pricing and preparing tenders, project control and business planning.

IADE has therefore developed a […]

Existing Business

IADE provides specific training programmes designed to help existing small and medium sized businesses improve their business planning and grow profitability.


Our “Improve Your Own Business” training is aimed at making existing entrepreneurs more knowledgable about best business practices,  improving their confidence in running their business and helping enhance the […]

Start Up A New Business

IADE provides a range of group based training courses,  adapted to the stage and size of business  and the experience of the owner.  For entrepreneurs and managers at the early stage of business development, we provide two main types of course:

For those wanting to start a business but […]

Gender & Business

IADE understands the special challenges faced by women in running businesses in Timor-Leste. Our trainers and counsellors are experienced at working with women groups, and are sensitive to gender issues. Many of our training and counselling sessions include discussion and exercises which aim to raise awareness of the challenges […]

Basic Business Awareness

Many organisations in Timor-Leste find that their trainees or beneficiaries lack an awareness of the basics of business practice. Not only does this limit the likelihood they will ever  start their own business, but it also reduces their understanding of the expectations of business people they have to  interact […]

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