About IADE

Established in 2004, the Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Empresarial (IADE) is  an autonomous institution under the tutelage of the Ministro De Estado Coordenador Dos Assuntos Economicos.  IADE is charged with helping Timor-Leste’s development by providing assistance to new and developing businesses. 

Our focus is on providing practical training, counseling and business support services – helping businesses develop their own internal capacity to grow,  rather than providing direct financial or resource assistance.

IADE’s Mission:

“To empower the entrepreneurs of Timor-Leste to grow and prosper
by delivering relevant, impactful business support services”

To do this we partner with major donors, government agencies and local and international NGO’s, to support a wide range of businesses  – from big companies to the smallest micro-entrepreneur in the remotest districts.

IADE: Committed To Timor-Leste


Timor-Leste has made great strides in improving its infrastructure. But a rugged geography, transportation challenges and wide cultural and linguistic variations mean it is imperative to select an established business partner with a good network.

One of IADE’s key advantages is that we have offices, training rooms and fully trained staff in 12 Districts. This means we can offer a complete range of training and business services throughout Timor-Leste. This reach is particularly important when providing counseling or advice outside of Dili – for instance to small local  businesses, rural women and other groups who are difficult to reach or need repeat visits.

Importantly, with our long history of working in Timor-Leste, and over 100 full-time staff, we have the capacity to go beyond one-off project assistance to offer our clients  active, on-going support.  IADE is in Timor-Leste for the long-haul, assuring our clients of continuity, and conservation of institutional learning.

If  you are looking for a long-term business support partner in Timor-Leste, contact IADE today.


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