Baptista da Silva

Head of Division Information Technology and Promotion

Baptista Joined  IADE since 2013 as Operational staff head of Division information technology and promotion in the Business Development Centre operated in all the 12 District across Timor-Leste. In 2014 appointed as IADE Chef of Department information technology and promotion until today. The main role is to develop, promote and support  Private Sector Development  in generally and particularly for the SME’s in Timor-Leste. Achievement in this role is diversify programs and activities on establishment of new structure of IADE with Department Information Technology and promoting. Prior to this role I hold the Graduated of Economic Development from National University  of Timor Lorosae 2015.

Previously also worked at one of the NGOs World Vision Timor-Leste (WVI-TL) and it’s also in one of the NGO Peace Dividend Trust(PDT) Marketplace Timor-Leste

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