Understanding your clients and customers is key to business success. IADE carries out surveys and qualitative research helping to help our clients understand and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing and programme activities.   IADE’s extensive experience of  providing marketing and business advice to organisations in Timor-Leste,  ensures our research is relevant and actionable.

IADE Market Research Reports Help You Identify Key Challenges and Opportunities


IADE’s research capabilities include:

  • Industry sector potential assessment
  • Social and evaluation studies
  • Event evaluation
  • Promotion and marketing effectiveness
  • Store and Product availability checks
  • Taste and Product Testing
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Focus Group Research




IADE staff conduct a Taste-Test on a new product. Becora, Dili, 2016.



IADE maintains a dedicated, independent  monitoring and evaluation unit that ensures studies are properly conducted, With experienced staff in 11 District offices IADE can carry out research studies almost anywhere in Timor-Leste.

To arrange your next research project contact our Marketing Research team today.

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