Developing good marketing practices is essential for business success. Many businesses have good product or service concepts, yet fail to grow because they do not know how to publicise and sell their benefits. IADE provides marketing training and advice as an integral part of many of its services (e.g. see business incubation and innovation services).

Marketing Plus is unique however, because it focusses specifically on providing directed marketing advice to identified, high potential clients.


From commodity to cafes. IADE’s marketing advisers help clients add value to their products and services

Marketing Plus works by utilising specialist marketing advisers to:

  1. Assess the company’s current marketing activities
  2. Help the entrepreneur develop a  detailed marketing plan based on “best practice” marketing strategies
  3. Recommend specific marketing tactics customised to suit the company’s stage of development, capabilities and budget.
  4. Providing on-going monitoring and advice to help implement the agreed marketing plan

A Marketing Plus review aims to provide independent advice and support in the following areas:

  • Market targeting
  • Managing a marketing budget
  • Differentiation of services from competition
  • Developing a “marketing story” with a USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • Growing “word of mouth”/reputation among customers
  • Best media/publicity tactics to use in their District
  • Recommendations on Pricing, Promotion, Packaging etc.

To be eligible to participate in Marketing Plus, companies have to be established, have developed products or services with clear growth potential, and be committed to improving their marketing approach.

To find out how your company could benefit from a Marketing Plus review, contact IADE’s Marketing team.




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