Running a construction business can be complex. IADE’s training programme provides essential business skills to make it easier.

With the Timor-Leste government’s determination to improve the country’s infrastructure has come a huge increase in the demand for construction contractors’ services. However many new contractors lack experience in key aspects of contractor management, such as  pricing and preparing tenders, project control and business planning.

IADE has therefore developed a customised training programme to help contractors come to grips with issues such as these.  Participating contractors will be better prepared to respond to tenders and run their projects efficiently and profitably.

For contractors’ customers, both Government and Private, the course provides assurance that  participating contractors have learnt the basic principles of tendering and business management.





IADE’s  Management for Construction Companies training course covers a range of the main issues confronting contactors, including:

  • Establishing a Construction team for tenders
  • Understanding client needs
  • Understanding the bidding process and responding to tenders
  • Conducting a site visit, what to look for and record
  • Designing contract plans
  • Contract conditions and specifications
  • Estimating costs – direct and indirect
  • Allowing for contingencies and risk
  • Preparing a budget and profitability estimates
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