IADE assists Timor-Leste’s entrepreneurs with new and modern business development services

The Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Emprezarial (IADE) has been transformed to better serve the Timorese entrepreneurs. It is now offering a wide range of business development services beyond its traditional offer. IADE now has a new, bigger role while it still works to fulfil its mandate to promote, train and support entrepreneurs is an autonomous institution under the tutelage of the Ministry of Economy and Development.

In addition to its business management training courses and counselling, IADE now offers further business information and promotion services to entrepreneurs. Today, Timor Telecom and IADE signed a Protocolo de Cooperacao. With the support of Timor Telecom IADE can now send information on tenders and other business opportunities to all entrepreneurs, also those who do not have internet access. All an entrepreneur needs to receive IADE’s information, is a mobile telephone. Entrepreneurs, who are registered with IADE’s enterprise directory, will be informed of tenders by SMS through its new Tender Information System (TIS), which was launched today.

IADE also launched its website www.iade.gov.tl today. On this website, entrepreneurs can find relevant business information such as option on access to finance or guidelines for business registration. Moreover, it provides online access to the enterprise directory and the tender directory.

IADE is also home to the Super Trainer. The Super Trainer helps entrepreneurs to improve their business and increase their profit. The Super Trainers adventures can now be followed in newspapers, on television and radio.

Also IADE’s training programme has been improved: IADE’s popular basic business management course ‘Improve Your Business’ is now certified by INDMO. IADE now holds the accreditation from the Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento da Mão-de-Obra (INDMO) to deliver the course National Certificate of Improve Your Business.    With its certified, competent trainers as well as the certified training course, IADE can guarantee its clients that the skills they acquire during the training are according to the competency standards set by INDMO.

IADE now offers a specialised course for contractors: National Certificate in Managing Small Construction Bids and Contracts. Also this course offers a certification according to INDMO’s competency standards. IADE programme of business courses is increasing to match the demand in Timor-Leste.

In addition to training, IADE offers individual business counselling services with clients ranging from micro entrepreneurs to national investors with projects of up to USD 7 million.

From 4 – 8 October 2012 the Feira IADE 2012 for food and beverages will take place in Dili. This year’s trade fair organised by IADE will feature a business competition and award, and focus on creating last business relationships for producers of food and beverages in Timor-Leste.

IADE is supported by Irish Aid through the Business Opportunities and Support Services (BOSS) Project implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

For more information please contact:

Julia B. Leite Araújo: 7180809

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