IADE trains contractors from Ermera in business management

The Institute for Business Support (Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Empresarial – IADE) cooperates with the ILO’s Enhancing Rural Access (ERA) Project in providing 2-week training for contractors from district Ermera from 4th to 15th of June 2012. Participating contractors have passed a selection process and already participated in technical skills training on rural roads construction and maintenance at Dom Bosco in Comoro. IADE offers its course “Managing Small Construction Bids and Contracts” with a national certification as per the Timor-Leste National Qualification Framework of INDMO (Instituto National de Desenvolvimento de Mão de Obra). This course included:

Pricing and bidding: During five days from 4th to 8th June 2012 the contractors from Ermera learned how to prepare bids for public tenders and how to calculate prices to prepare a BOQ (Bill of Quantities). Participants in the Pricing and bidding training were directors, CEOs and engineers of companies as well as technical officers of the Ministry of Infrastructure in the district Ermera. Participants gained knowledge in participating in tenders of the government or other companies, such as design and technical specifications for the construction of a building, terminology in civil construction, Labour Law and contractual and legal obligations when receiving a contract. Participants furthermore were trained in skills such as reading and analysing designs and technical specifications, advanced financial literacy including calculating the quantity of materials needed as well as time needed to complete the works, and costing of materials as well as of the total project implementation.

Business Management Course: This four-day training took place from 11 to 15 June 2012 targeting company directors/CEOs. The objective of this training is to be able to do financial planning and cash flow calculations, bookkeeping, human resource management and marketing. Participants gained knowledge in relevant legislation and government regulations, documentation related to business management, managerial responsibilities related to employee health and security and business ethics. Among the skills thought at this course are communication such as clarification of information, group counselling, studying and understanding of business documents, problem solving and analysing and evaluation of issues in business management.

Ms Flaminia Judit Pereira, a participant in the training said: “I am very satisfied with the training I received, because I had the opportunity to learn how to calculate costs and prices for bids, prepare bidding documents, and how to manage my time. This training is a good guideline for all contractors who want to participate in public tenders.”

The training material for this contractor course is certified by the Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento de Mão de Obra (INDMO), and participants who pass the course receive a national certification.

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