IADE accredited to deliver certified training programmes for businesses and contractors

Unlocking the potential of micro, small and medium enterprise is essential for promoting economic development in Timor Leste. These types of enterprises usually rely on human resources to operate and grow into successful businesses. Skills and knowledge thus act as the drivers of growth for small enterprises. With this in mind IADE (Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolimento Empresarial) has registered its basic business management course “Improve Your Business (ADFNK11)” with INDMO (Instituto National de Desenvolvimento de Mão de Obra) using a competency based qualification as specified in the Timor-Leste National Qualification Framework.

Earlier this year, IADE also got accreditation from INDMO to deliver these certification training programmes. As an accredited training provider, IADE has to ensure that it continues to deliver quality training, maintains proper training facilities and equipment, as well as employs competent and qualified trainers. Entrepreneurs can participate in this training course to improve their business operations and undergo workplace assessment to acquire a certificate. 

Furthermore, IADE has successfully registered a specialized training programme for contractors on “Managing Small Construction Bids and Contracts (ADFNK12)”. The Government is now discussing the possibility of using this national certification course as a prerequisite for contractors to bid for civil works.

To learn more about these training courses and enrollment process, please visit the nearest CDE office.

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