IADE understands the special challenges faced by women in running businesses in Timor-Leste. Our trainers and counsellors are experienced at working with women groups, and are sensitive to gender issues. Many of our training and counselling sessions include discussion and exercises which aim to raise awareness of the challenges faces by women in business, and to offer strategies and solutions.


Interactive Exercises:  GET AHEAD training for young rural women in Aileu

In addition we offer a  special training programme called GET AHEAD which combines training in entrepreneurship  with a gender perspective . Since many women in rural Timor-Leste  have not had the opportunity to get a full education, this programme has been adapted to be able to be delivered to low-literacy participants. Our programme is focussed on providing  practical examples of  how women owned business can overcome obstacles to the development of their business.

If your organisation wants help to inspire women to achieve more, contact IADE’s training team today.

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