Being in businesses means dealing with cashflow, stock control, inventory, pricing and many other issues. IADE’s training helps entrepreneurs find solutions to these challenges.

IADE provides specific training programmes designed to help existing small and medium sized businesses improve their business planning and grow profitability.


Our “Improve Your Own Business” training is aimed at making existing entrepreneurs more knowledgable about best business practices,  improving their confidence in running their business and helping enhance the way they deal with customers, suppliers and buyers.


Main topics covered in the training include:

  • Business planning. Why it’s important and how to make a good business plan.
  • Costing,  and selling products and services. How to measure and calculate your costs
  • Cashflow management and analysis. How to avoid running out of money
  • Inventory and stock control. How to keep ahead of demand
  • Bookeeping. Managing your books to avoid problems
  • Negotiating and working with buyers and suppliers
  • Calculating profit and prices
  • Understanding ‘business vocabulary’. Learning the language of business.

A key aspect of the training is its use of practical exercises to ensure participants can relate learnings to the everyday issues they face in their businesses. As part of this, participants prepare action plans that can be applied to their specific situations.

For more information on our Improve Your Business training,  contact IADE’s  Training Department today!



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