Business Plan Competition: 2017

Change Your life Through Business Innovation

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What’s The Business Plan Competition?

Registration for IADE’s annual business competition is now open!  If you’ve ever wanted to change your life by starting a business, or finding new ways to develop your existing business, this is your chance!

Since it started in 2013, IADE’s business plan competition has provided training, advice and support to hundreds of Timorese.  As well as the opportunity to be one of the “top 10” entrants who get to present their plan at a major ceremony at Timor-Plaza, all applicants are eligible for training and support to develop their business ideas. It’s your opportunity to:


  • Find out if the world of business is really for you
  • Learn new business skills
  • Receive help developing and planning your business idea
  • Network with other entrepreneurs in your district
  • Get publicity for yourself and your business idea
  • Be in to win big prizes to help start your own business:
    • $5,000 top prize for the best plan
    • $4,000 2nd prize
    • $3,000 3rd prize
    • $1,250 special prize for best Start-Up plan
    • $1,250 special prize for best Existing business prize

It’s fun, involving, and it only costs $3 to enter!

What are the Entrance Criteria?

The most important thing is to have some idea for the kind of business you’d like to develop, and to think about some way to make it innovative or better than others.  Your idea does not have to be fully developed – as part of the competition we’ll help you refine it.

The competition is open to either new entrepreneur wanting to get started, OR existing business people with innovative ideas on how to take their business in new directions.

The only other criteria are:

  • Proof you are 17-45 years of age
  • Proof you are a citizen of Timor-Leste
  • If you are an existing business owner, we’ll need to see your business registration

What Do I Do Next?

Just answer the questions below, and we’ll get in contact to tell you more about the competition. After that you will need to visit an IADE office in your area to fill in a registration form and pay $3 for registration. (Or , to save time, download the full registration form here and fill it in before you go). The contact numbers and the location of IADE offices are on our contact page.

Register Your Interest in KPNI:

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    Which of these are you:
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    Thanks for registering your interest in KPNI 2017. If you’d like more information you can contact us at:

                    Phone: +670 3310161


    Or leave a message on our Facebook page

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