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IADE counsellors work directly with business owners to identify problems and provide clear solutions

Business owners and managers have to handle many different business issues everyday.  No-one can be an expert at everything, and sometimes an independent viewpoint can be very helpful. IADE Business Counsellors are certified professional business advisers who understand the challenges faced by businesses in Timor-Leste.

IADE Counsellors work with businesses on-site to help  develop and implement workable business strategies. Counselling can cover a wide range of business  issues, such as analysing the profit you earn from your business,  maximizing your marketing effort, increasing sales, controlling expenditure  or setting up your financial records.

As well as working directly with entrepreneurs, IADE Business Counsellors are also experienced at working with International and Government Agencies to provide on-site client mentoring as part of broader project (for example as individualised follow-up support for businesses who have undertaken  vocational or technical training programmes). IADE has trained counsellors based in Dili and Districts, making it easier to support clients across Timor-Leste.

If you’d like hands-on, practical support to help tackle your business challenges, contact us today.

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